The Lost Pharaohs – Leonard Cottrell
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The Lost Pharaohs – Leonard Cottrell



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1922. The Tomb of Tutankhamun. A candle flame flickers on treasures that have lain in darkness for 3,250 years.

Lord Carnarvon: “Can you see anything?”

Howard Carter: “Yes . . . wonderful things!”

Carter did, indeed, stumble on wonderful things. Here is one of the world’s most exciting detective stories, told by a master Egyptologist, filled with the adventures of those who first unraveled the mysteries of ancient Egypt. While no one may ever uncover all the secrets behind the Pyramids and Sphinx, modern archeologists can tell us something about the strange and fascinating people who built them.

The Lost Pharaohs takes you on an unforgettable journey along the Nile, revisiting a civilization that has vanished and been recaptured on these pages.

Vezava: Trda

Ohranjenost: 4,5/5

Leto izdaje: 1976

Število strani: 256