Tom’s Tail – Linda Jennings
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Tom’s Tail – Linda Jennings



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Tom, a cute and playful pig, has a problem with his tail–he doesn’t like its curl. He wants to wag his tail like Sam the sheepdog, or swish his tail like Henry the horse. But because his tail is short and curly, he can’t. So, the other farm animals try to help solve his problem. And with the help of some mud, Tom’s tail becomes long and straight. But it’s also sharp! When Tom wags his tail, it pokes anyone standing by him. His brothers and sisters kick him out of the sty because they’re tired of being poked. In the middle of the night, as Tom’s sleeping outside, it begins to rain. Luckily the rain washes away the mud on Tom’s tail, making it soft and curly again! But then there’s the new concern about his snout.