Time to Say Goodbye – Pat MacEnulty
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Time to Say Goodbye – Pat MacEnulty



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When Vera Lee was found guilty of the murder of three people she believed she must have committed the crimes. If the jury and prosecutor said she did it, then she must have ? but then, she couldn?t remember a single thing about September 26th 1976. Now, 25 years later, when a motel maid is found murdered in Gainesville Florida, Detective Rodney Ellis believes the crime may be linked to Vera Lee, the young girl he picked up so long ago, the stoned-out blonde in the bikini who fell against him and called him Daddy… But Ellis discovers a connection that his superiors don?t want him to pursue. Working on his own time, he follows leads that take him back to Florida and into the eye of the hurricane, where he must battle the elements to save lives. ?This is writing without pretence, but with real power. Prose stripped down to its essence, and characters revealed in quick, sure-handed brushstrokes… an exciting and multi-layered performance by a writer of clear talent? James W Hall Praise for MacEnulty?s previous novels: ?A spare disciplined prose that no one will be able to read without thinking of Hemingway. But MacEnulty has made the style her own? Observer ?MacEnulty writes with sympathy, wisdom and ? an unexpected blessing ? humour?