The Strand – Claire Rayner



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London, 1892: Rich, growing, bustling, the Mecca of the ambitious, the lonely, the hungry.

Lured by promises of success and riches, two young people come to this center of empire to live out their dreams: Lewis, a young surgeon, hardened by his tough past in Sydney, Australia; and Claudette, a would-be actress who is even more poor, and the product of an even more deprived childhood.

When they meet for the first time at Queen Eleanor’s Hospital in Covent Garden, they start a relationship that could lead anywhere. But at that first meeting there is someone else who will also affect Lewis’ life — Miriam D Silva, the beautiful young heiress of the Lackland family.

These two women, Claudette, the Gaiety Girl, and Miriam, the spoiled beauty of the 1892 Season, weave their complex ways through the surgeon’s life as he struggles with the seamier side of the splendor that is Victorian London — the prostitution, the back street abortions, the death and disease that are part of his everyday existence.

Vezava: Trda

Ohranjenost: 3,5/5

Leto izdaje: 1982

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