The Postcard – Leah Fleming
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The Postcard – Leah Fleming



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2002, Australia

On his death bed, Melissa Boyd’s father confesses a secret so devastating that Melissa, armed with only a few tattered keepsakes, including an old postcard addressed to someone called Desmond, embarks on a journey that will take her across oceans and into the past …

1930s, London

Caroline has led a privileged life, supported by her Aunt Phoebe. But when her impulsive elopement to Cairo quickly turns sour, she finds herself alone with a newborn son. Then war breaks out and Caroline feels compelled to play her part. Leaving her son, Desmond, with Phoebe, she begins a dangerous existence on the front lines. But when Caroline finally returns, Desmond has disappeared.

From the wild moors of Scotland and wartime London to exotic Egypt and the Australian frontier, Leah Fleming weaves an epic tale of love, loss and the ties that bind families together.