The Magician’s Wife – Brian Moore



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Summoned to the grand country estate of Napoleon III, the famed illusionist Henri Lambert and his wife Emmeline are drawn into an elaborate plan to further French influence in North Africa and subdue the rebellious Arab tribes. An ambitious, intelligent man, Lambert will go to desperate lengths to satisfy his emperor. Emmeline, meanwhile, undergoes a spiritual conversion, shedding her former notions of patriotism and propriety in the hot glare of the desert sun. From the splendor and intrigue of the French royal court of the 1850s to the wild majesty of the Sahara, “The Magician’s Wife” is an exciting, exotic, and glamorously seductive novel.

Vezava: Mehka

Ohranjenost: 4/5

Leto izdaje: 2012

Število strani: 262

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Skladišče, Trgovina Celje