The Free and Easy – Anne Haverty
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The Free and Easy – Anne Haverty



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New Yorker Tom Blessman arrives in Dublin with a purpose – to spend money. His mega-rich great uncle is suffering a recurrent dream in which the old country – a place he would much rather forget – is beseeching him for help. Tom must put a stop to it by giving the Irish whatever it is they want.

But the young American finds an Ireland abuzz with glossy, happening people who apparently want for nothing. As he attempts to make sense of his mission – and resolve his own personal problems – he falls in with a lively crowd, all exploiting to the full this opportunistic new world.

Central to the scene is the sprawling Kinane family, especially Eileen, a lost soul whose waif-like beauty Tom pursues through the city’s bars, art galleries and gatherings, finding himself in exciting but increasingly perilous territory