The Dead Men Stood Together – Chris Priestley
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The Dead Men Stood Together – Chris Priestley



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As scary and gory as Darren Shan, as gripping as R.L. Stevenson, a haunting adaptation of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

‘The Devil is coming to your house.’

Crazy words begin a gripping story of madness, demons and death. Home from the sea, a boy’s uncle entrances him with tales of life aboard ship and of foreign lands. Soon the boy decides to join his uncle on his next voyage.

A violent storm blows the ship off course and the crew find themselves marooned in a sea of ice. As their despair grows, an albatross seems to befriend them and restore their hope. But seized by an evil madness, the uncle kills the great bird with his crossbow, and so condemns all on board to unimaginable horrors, of which life in death is the greatest