The Better Woman – Ber Carroll
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The Better Woman – Ber Carroll



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Sarah Ryan, orphaned at a young age, grows up in a remote village in Cork. John Delaney, the boy next-door, is her best friend, her first love and the one who breaks her heart. Jodi Tyler is raised on Sydney’s northern beaches amidst a loving family, but a terrible secret shadows her teenage years. On her eighteenth birthday, the awful burden she has been living with is finally exposed, with tragic consequences. This is a story of two remarkable women, their illustrious careers, their families, their friends, and the men they love. Sarah and Jodi, from opposite ends of the world, have more in common than they’ll ever realise – they have their sights set on the same job. For both, it represents how far they’ve come to triumph over the tragedies of their pasts – but at what cost to their personal lives?