Seven Sunny Days – Chris Manby
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Seven Sunny Days – Chris Manby



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Looking to get away from it all? Try seven sunny days in an exotic Turkish resort. Club Aegee has luxurious accommodations, unlimited free cocktails and a gorgeous cosmopolitan staff who’ll cater to your every need.

Bride-to-be Rachel Buckley wanted one last adventure before tying the knot, and who better to do it with than her two best friends, acid-tongued divorcee Carrie Ann and commitmentphobe model Yaslyn? A week with the girls would also help Rachel forget about her future mother-in-law, who was already controlling her life. Her friends, the beach, the hot waiters…the perfect vacation, right?

But when a week in the same room with her two best friends — and all their baggage — exposes more than dirty underwear, Rachel starts to wonder if by gaining a husband she’ll be losing two friends….

Seven Sunny Days is the story of three friends awaiting their future, but stuck in their past. Funny and oh-so-familiar, it’s for anyone who’s spent time under the sun with friends.