Rainbow Magic: Maddie the Playtime Fairy – Daisy Meadows

Rachel and Kirsty are thrilled to be spending the week at Golden Palace – where real kings and queens once lived! Whilst they are settling in, Polly the Party Fun Fairy appears – the girls have been invited to a magical Fairyland ball to meet the seven nieces of King Oberon and Queen Titania – the Princess Fairies! But when Kirsty and Rachel arrive in Fairyland things soon go wrong, Jack Frost and his wicked goblins steal the princesses’ tiaras! The tiaras contain special fairy magic that look after happy times and fun things in both the human and fairy worlds. The tiaras are hidden around the Golden Palace, and Kirsty and Rachel must return them to their fairy owners. Now the girls must help Maddie to find her tiara in the grounds of the Golden Palace, before playtime is ruined for everyone!

Vezava: Mehka

Ohranjenost: 4/5

Leto izdaje: 2011

Število strani: 71

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