Mr Monty’s Treat
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Mr Monty’s Treat



Mr Monty’s Treat is a children’s book written and donated by Gail Featherstone, wife of the British High Commissioner to Malaysia. This project followed HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to Hospis Malaysia in September 2012, as part of the collaborative work between the two hospice organisations.

Malaysia is a land known for its rare and exotic wildlife. ‘Mr Monty’s Treat’, is a children’s book that features all these Malaysian wildlife goodness.

Conceptualized by Gail Featherstone, wife of the British High Commisioner to Malaysia, this book was inspired by the bedtime stories that her husband H.E Simon Featherstone used to tell his children when they were young.

Gail Featherstone collaborated with the very talented artist, Mollie Jackson to produce this beautifully illustrated book that will educate children on Malaysia’s exotic treasures. Over the years, Mollie Jackson’s paintings have raised enormous amounts of money for charity, that subsequently led to her being voted as ‘Scottish Woman of the Year’ in 1994.

Both Gail and Mollie have generously chosen Hospis Malaysia to benefit from the sale of this book.
All the proceeds from the sale of ‘Mr Monty’s Treat’ in Malaysia will be donated to Hospis Malaysia.

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