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    In A Stake in the Future John Plender argues that a powerful alternative does exist in the shape of the stakeholder concept, on which Britain’s Labour leader Tony Blair has blown hot and cold. Stakeholding provides a resonant and flexible political language which stresses values of inclusion and community, but which is also based on hard economic reality. Stakeholding views the firm as a community in which the directors act as trustees. Their role is to balance the interests of the various stakeholders, who include customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers. Unlike the present rough-and-tumble style of Anglo-Saxon capitalism which sanctifies shareholder value at the expense of all else, stakeholder theory is in tune with a world where competitiveness stems increasingly from human capital and from the social capital created by fostering trust and loyalty between employees and other stakeholders. It makes competitiveness compatible with individual fulfilment at work.

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    The …on a Shoestring series helps small business owners grow their business imaginatively, effectively and without spending a fortune. Aimed at entrepreneurs with plenty of vision and commitment but not a lot of cash, each book is packed with ideas that really work, real-life examples, step-by-step advice and sources of further information.

    Boosting your company’s sales is essential if you’re going to make a success of your business. This revised edition of Bob Gorton’s Boosting Sales covers:

    – Looking at your current sales and working out where you want to go next
    – Making sure you’re meeting a need
    – Playing to your strengths
    – Looking at your prices (and how you present them)
    – Talking to and nurturing your existing customers
    – Looking for new customers
    – Responding promptly to prospects
    – Improving your post-sales service
    – Working to guarantee repeat sales

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    If you wanted to be a successful chef you would read Gordon Ramsay’s autobiography. He tells you how he became the successful cook and businessman he is today. His book provides you with a model of how he did it. Allen Carr’s book does the same. It tells how he became a world-renowned therapist, helping millions of people to give up smoking.

    Change Your Life is for everyone else. Those who have the best will in the world, but never get round to using it. Those who start something, but don’t finish it. Those who fail, and then fail again.

    Drawing on John Bird’s own life experiences, this book outlines the mistakes he has made and the subsequent lessons he has learned along the way. Change Your Life is about getting lost, feeling self-pity, feeling a failure, disliking the world and oneself; and then climbing out of it.

    John Bird will teach you how to be a success.

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    In this no-holds barred, warts and all account of life in London’s financial heartland, Anderson breaks the Square Mile’s code of silence, revealing explosive secrets, tricks of the trade and the corrupt, murky underbelly at the heart of life in the City.

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    New competitive realities have ruptured industry boundaries, overthrown much of standard management practice, and rendered conventional models of strategy and growth obsolete. In their stead have come the powerful ideas and methodologies of Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, whose much-revered thinking has already engendered a new language of strategy. In this book, they develop a coherent model for how today’s executives can identify and accomplish no less than heroic goals in tomorrow’s marketplace. Their masterful blueprint addresses how executives can ease the tension between competing today and clearing a path toward leadership in the future.

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    Leaders shows you how to: incubate lifelong, fragmented learning into creative ideas be a “natural leader” others flock to reconcile your personal life and job deal with a supervisor who won’t let your innovativeness flourish achieve a calming state anytime move away from a creativity-destroying, judgmental past or fears about the future fuse spirituality into everyday life break the “shackles” of others’ desires make more money having fun Creativity for Leaders is the answer to that lost sense of purpose in your work. Dr. Fellers’ book is for all who would like to be a source of energy, for themselves and to others. Because he focuses on several parallel activities such as effective time management, the creativity basics, stress reduction, and the advice of the mystics, Fellers promises a lasting impact on your life. Just follow the instructions in this down-to-earth, how-to book. Since his approach can be applied to more than just business, it can be used it to avoid anxiety at work, to market a new product, to design a machine, or even to catch a fish. The enrichment necessary for you to become more creative will spill over into all the areas of your old life and make it new. Gary Fellers is a quality-management consultant and author of Why Things Go Wrong, also by Pelican.

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    Untangle the jargon and understand how you’re involved in everyday economics If you want to get to grips with the basics of economics and understand a subject that affects British citizens on a daily basis, then look no further than Economics For Dummies. This easy to understand guide takes you through the world of economics from understanding micro- and macroeconomics to demystifying complex topics such as capitalism and recession.

    This updated edition walks you through the history, principles and theories of economics as well as breaking down all the complicated terminology, leaving you clued up on economics in no time.

    Getting to grips – explore the science of economics and how people deal with scarcity

    Keeping an eye on it – learn all about macroeconomics and how economists keep track of everything

    Watch patterns emerge – understand why monitoring consumer behaviour is vital and all you need to know about microeconomics

    Your recession guide – expert advice on recessions and a detailed look at why they occur

    Open the book and find:

    Why you should care about economics and how it affects you

    Tools to help you understand a recession

    A guide to seductive economic fallacies

    All you need to know on monetary and fiscal policies

    How supply and demand can be made easy

    Why it’s vital to track consumer choices

    An in-depth look at a profit-maximising firm and the core of capitalism

    Guidance on property rights and wrongs

    Learn to:

    Look through economic history and spot the trends

    Understand micro- and macroeconomics

    Get to grips with consumer behaviour and its influence on the economy

    Spot the signs of a recession and see how economic decisions affect you

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